About me 

I am a someone who will always find something good in everyone!
 And I would like to build a space where you could start seeing this too: see the good in yourself, the people & world around us!
 I believe that as we transition through life, our sense of self is in a continuous state of changing and adapting, inherently experiencing a sense of loss with each change. In times like these, counselling & psychotherapy can make the transition smoother to navigate.

  Although I might know myself (and continue working on this) and have strategies to help other people navigate the complex labyrinth of their most hidden thoughts and emotions, you are the expert in how you feel. I am not here to tell  you what to do, but to join you while you face your dilemmas and change the narrative as you wish!

As I am a bilingual Counsellor/Psychotherapist (working in both English and Romanian), I value diversity and I hope this will continue to allow me to integrate flexibility & authenticity in my counselling work. 

My personal story starts in Romania, where I first built a career in Journalism. Forever passionate about people and curious by nature, I moved to the UK with the hope to train as a psychologist/psychotherapist. Ten years later, while studying, volunteering &working in various mental health settings, I stand before you with the same passion I had when I was four years old and I told my first story in front of a class full of children. This is when I first learnt about the power of words & silences, this is when I first knew that  sharing an emotion with other people is such an unique and monumental experience, the joy of human connection!


Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) in Psychology -  University of Northampton 

Master of Science (MSc Hons) in Integrative Counselling Children and Young People - University of Northampton

Postgraduate Diploma in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions CBT - De Montfort University 

Couples Counselling for Depression - in training, Tavistock Relationship 

Online & Telephone Counselling - BACP certificate 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) & further training 

Complex Trauma Certification Training - course with Janina Fisher
Gabor's Mate Compassionate Inquiry in Action: an experiential course for the healing of deep traumatic wounds
Putting Polyvagal theory into practice: essential strategies to creating safety and connection with trauma, course with Deb Dana
Working with suicide: essential suicide interventions and prevention strategies 
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy: Interventions for trauma, personality disorders & anxiety 
Treating Trauma with Internal Family Systems


Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Assistant: experience in working with women diagnosed with Complex PTSD and/or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (inpatient setting)Experienced in providing 1:1 DBT skills support & leading/ co-facilitating therapy groups 
Counsellor, experienced in working with children & adolescents impacted by sexual violence (community setting, Northamptonshire Rape Crisis Centre), offering 1:1 online trauma focused counselling.
Therapeutic Children's Practitioner - experienced in working with looked after children, families, community setting, 1:1 counselling, care planning
Counsellor, experienced in working with children & young people in charity sector (MIND & The Lowdown)- offering 1:1 counselling face to face & online sessions, focused on working on anxiety, depression, adjustment, LGBTQ+ experiences 
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, experienced working in the NHS, offering assessment & treatment for people impacted by anxiety disorders, depression, couples counselling, 1:1 online, face to face, telephone & group interventions. 

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