Valentina Raducanu, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Welcome & Hello

I am Valentina, or Val, or simply V,
I am one of the people around whom you can just be!
I am here to create together a space where you can bring your whole self without judgement!

This is your space, where vulnerability is celebrated, where you can start welcoming yourself with empathy, curiosity, understanding and acceptance.

Let's walk together the labyrinth of your emotions and life experiences!

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VALs Counselling

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VALs Counselling

About me

I am a qualified Integrative  Counsellor/Psychotherapist, registered member of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).  This means I am committed to following BACP's ethical guidelines. 

I like to keep an open heart and mind while interacting with all people who may come my way, so it is important that you feel accepted in a non-judgmental space in our sessions, where you can start exploring yourself and bring new  perspectives to the dilemmas you may be experiencing. 

When we bridge a space of empathy and curiosity, we can begin to build a different relationship with ourselves, understanding our boundaries and our wants & needs. When we purposefully create this space, we can then start to have more choices in how we live our lives. 

How I work

I am a strong believer that our values act as an compass that guide our lives, so I feel it's important to start by sharing some of my values, reflected in my counselling approach: curiosity, equality, authenticity, empathy and courage. 

My approach to counselling & psychotherapy is integrative, so I strive to combine elements from various schools of thought to create a comprehensive & personalised plan for my clients. 
I am, therefore, blending the humanistic approach with narrative therapy and systemic therapy, along with cognitive-behavioural therapy, so I can offer a dynamic way to address the complexities of individual challenges and experiences.

I deeply value togetherness or partnership, so I see the therapeutic relationship as the foundation of my "therapeutic house", while various approaches make up for strong & solid "walls", allowing the clients to build their own "roof" through their new found inner resources. 

Therapy Services

I work mostly remote, online or via telephone. However, I value and respect nature in the therapeutic process, so I am happy to accommodate Walk & Talk Therapy in certain areas in Northamptonshire  (weather permitting).  

I see client of all ages such as:
  • children & young people ( 8 to 18 years old)
  • adults (18 to 65 years old)
  • older adults (over 65 years old)

    I have experience of short-term counselling (6-10 sessions) and long-term (more than 20 sessions).
    Following a 30 minutes free introductory session, you could book an initial session. This will allow us to decide if we are a good fit and I can support you with the difficulties you have been experiencing. However, the first 2-3 sessions are mainly dedicated to establishing a good therapeutic alliance and therapy goals, as well as understanding how the current difficulties have been impacting your life & how these are informed by past experiences. Once we establish an action plan, we will have regular reviews of therapeutic goals and decide together on how we will move forward. 

VALs Counselling: let your stories be heard!


Where are you in life right now?

People come to counselling & psychotherapy for various reasons, from anxiety & depression to low self esteem or perfectionism. Other people come for self-development, while some try to build a new sense of identity and navigate life without a loved one. Some of my clients started therapy to process deep and traumatic past experiences that have had their world shaken to the core, while others to learn how to adapt to new ways of living live following major life transitions.

No one should ever suffer in silence! Your journey in life is unique and deserves celebration!

I hope you will give yourself permission to be courageous in telling your story!

Day to day stress

Some people feel overwhelmed by the pressures of maintaining a work/life balance

Grief & psychological loss

Others have experienced a recent breakup, job loss, bereavement that is causing distress and difficult emotions

Traumatic experiences

Some people feel trapped by a past traumatic or upsetting experience and want support in processing it & moving forward


Other clients feel stuck repeating the same patterns and behaviours that serve everyone but them & struggle to prioritise themselves. 

Not feeling authenthic

People find themselves behaving in ways that don't fit their values

Wanting a new life

Some clients are ready to build a new life, to find and welcome themselves with curiosity and empathy